My name is Naomi, but you can call me Alfie or Kris.

I use she/her, i'm an artist and composer.

Heres some of my socials so u can see what I make!

Youtube Twitter(mostly joke tweets !)

If you wanna add me on Discord my username is "harmonaomi" :3 (I promise I don't bite.)

I also made an FNF mod which I think you should check out.

Shoshinkai' Funkin 95

A little more about me ! :D

I am a really friendly person, I rlly like video games (Super Mario mostly) and Azumanga Daioh !

I'm always up for new friends or talking to someone ! (I talk a lot lol 〃´▽`〃)

That's about it, i'll probably add more to it !

Have a nice day !